Proper ventilation protects your home from damage. It is also required to validate the warranty coverage for roofing shingles. So any time new shingles or roofing materials are installed, you should include an installation or upgrade of ventilation.

In addition to traditional venting solutions (turbines, gable vents, etc.), Integrated Quality Construction Group LLC also offers more attractive and functional Ridge Ventilation Systems. Cobra Ridge Vent is the lowest profile ridge vent available. It protects your home and attic beautifully, because it's virtually invisible when installed! It eliminates the need for unsightly attic fans, turbines or louvers.


  • Helps prevent wood rot in your attic and roof deck
  • Guards against ice damming in harsh winters
  • Minimizes peeling and extends the life of your exterior paint
  • Prevents soaking of insulation
  • Safeguards your attic possessions from mildew and other damage
  • Helps prevent problems with insect, bird and animal infestation

When properly installed with eave and soffit vents, Cobra Ridge Vent provides superior attic ventilation. It equalizes temperature and pressure inside the attic more effectively than other types of ventilation products. It allows a constant flow-through of fresh air removing unwanted moisture and maintaining even attic temperatures. Patented PolyFibe construction permits maximum air flow yet prevents water and insect infestation.

Cobra Ridge Vent reduces heating and cooling costs, often up to 30% - it virtually pays for itself in one year!

In cold conditions, moist attic air escapes through Cobra Ridge Vent minimizing condensation build-up. Insulation stays dry, inside of home stays warm and the result is lower energy bills! In hot conditions, stale attic air escapes through Cobra Ridge Vent. Inside of home stays cooler and the result is lower energy bills!


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