We provide Skylight installation service All Over New Jersey

Skylights are popular where more daylight, openness, or fresh air are desired. Bathrooms and kitchens are rooms most often fitted with skylights. Skylights may be fixed or vented, with different installation methods, designed for steep slope or low slope roofs.

Skylights can be installed when the house is built, roof replaced, or they can be added later. They are available in many roof opening sizes.

Integrated Quality Construction Group LLC has installed hundreds of skylights, different types, and from numerous manufacturers. Visit Velux, a manufacturer of skylights we install often, for more specific information.


Our Skylight installation service in New Jersey creates natural light in any room of your home. This can reduce your energy costs and add value to your home. Velux especially have a great line of energy efficient skylight products and are the nation's premier skylight manufacturer.


Do your current skylights leak or are cracks forming? We are experts when it comes to installing skylights. We guarantee our installation for 10 years for all Velux units we install. We use only the best skylight products in New Jersey.

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